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A Practical Approach to Harmony of Jazz and related forms of music for piano

.... “This method is designed to make a complex but very interesting subject accessible in a very practical way. It is aimed at those who, on account of study, profession or pure interest, want to improve their knowledge and skills of harmony and chords in jazz and related forms of music.

The author has opted for a methodical, constructive, and from the perspective of performance very practical approach. Only when needed for a better understanding, some theoretical support is included. The many examples in the book are a source of information. The exercises guarantee a solid training, but will also invite the performer to make fascinating and inspiring discoveries, thus challenging his creativity and further development.”....

From the contents:
Elementary harmony - Chord positions - Chord progressions - Voice doubling - Melody and harmony - Motifs - Harmonizing themes - Increasing and decreasing the number of voices - Parallel harmony - Chord extensions - Alterations - Chords of different constructions - Glossary - Nomenclature.

ISBN: 9789044132601, 184 pages, spiral bound, € 34,00.


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